Our vision is to build a political home for all formerly and currently incarcerated women and girls impacted by the criminal justice system. Dignity Power Inc. is the political home where our work is guided by the values of dignity, equity, and safety in order to create a restorative criminal justice system through effective legislation. 

Dignity Power Inc. believes women should still have access to complete pre and postnatal care. Our lived experiences and countless scientific research shows that physical contact between a mother and her child is essential to the growth of the child, and postpartum healing of the mother. As such, we demand family reunification to be implemented in the carceral state, and mothers with newborn children have a right to physically bond with their child/children at least for the first 90 days of their lives.



What We Believe:

  • That this is our America as much as it is anyone else’s. Four-hundred years of free labor and the decades of lost and denied opportunities is the investment we’ve made to gain an equity stake
  • That the ideals upon which this country were founded are at the same time what once made the country great, and what has been its greatest failing
  • That Black Women, as the most educated, politically active demographic in the nation are uniquely positioned to affect change, and that there has never been a time in our lifetimes when its been more important to do so 
  • And most importantly, that the Trump Administration through its policies, practices, incompetence, and neglect has destroyed our reputation around the world, endangered our citizens, and mutilated the very fabric and foundation of the promise this country once held for people of all races and economic backgrounds