Dignity Power Inc. was born out of a movement to provide dignity for incarcerated women and girls across the country. On the grass-roots level, formerly incarcerated women created Dignity Florida Coalition in 2018 and had two successful legislative sessions: (i) In 2019, the passage of Dignity for Incarcerated Women and Girls Act (HB 49/ SB 332); and (ii) in 2020, the passage of the Tammy Jackson Act (HB 1259/ SB 852).  The Tammy Jackson Act was the only criminal justice legislation to pass in the 2020 Florida legislative session. 

The formerly incarcerated women that led the successes of 2019 and 2020, have come to form Dignity Power Inc. to continue to build upon these successes. Dignity Power Inc. will present a comprehensive criminal justice reform package as it pertains to women and girls; including women and girls of LGBTQ experiences.

Founders of Dignity Power Inc. have trained over 200 formerly incarcerated women across the state of Florida on how to share their stories with their elected officials, how to lead discussions about the impact of incarceration on women, and how to organize and mobilize other formerly incarcerated and impacted women in their communities. Ultimately, this group of women included transgender women, Lesbians, and non-binary folks that brought unique experiences to the conversation; leading to the creation of Dignity Power +, a project of Dignity Power Inc. to ensure that our LGBTQ community has equal representation in criminal justice reform legislation.


What We Believe:

  • That this is our America as much as it is anyone else’s. Four-hundred years of free labor and the decades of lost and denied opportunities is the investment we’ve made to gain an equity stake
  • That the ideals upon which this country were founded are at the same time what once made the country great, and what has been its greatest failing
  • That Black Women, as the most educated, politically active demographic in the nation are uniquely positioned to affect change, and that there has never been a time in our lifetimes when its been more important to do so 
  • And most importantly, that the Trump Administration through its policies, practices, incompetence, and neglect has destroyed our reputation around the world, endangered our citizens, and mutilated the very fabric and foundation of the promise this country once held for people of all races and economic backgrounds